Audit of Emergency Preparedness PlanAudit of Emergency Preparedness Plan

Whether it is your Bug Out Bag, your family emergency system, your church, or your facility's system, having an outside set of eyes audit your emergency preparedness plan will bring a new level of insight to your capabilities. Our audits include documentation on elements that work well as well as opportunities for improvement. We also include a recommended plan for closing any identified gaps. Call us so we can help you take your plan to the next level.

Drill/Exercise ManagementDrill/Exercise Management

A drill is a test of a single element of the preparedness plan. An exercise is a test of multiple elements or of the entire system. We develop a series drills or an exercise customized based on risks, resources, and current level of development. This can be table top or field activities. We lead the post event analysis and issue a written report identifying the system strengths and areas for opportunity. Having an outside eye can help identify opportunities for improvement that may otherwise be missed. Give us a call and we can help you test your system and get you on the road to continuous improvement.

Emergency Preparedness Plan DevelopmentEmergency Preparedness Plan Development

With decades of experience, we can conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and create an Emergency Preparedness Plan that is suitable for your organization, church, or for your family. Our plans are unique in that they also lay out a plan and process for continuous improvement so that you can achieve your preparedness goals effectively and efficiently. Give us a call and we can help you achieve the level of preparedness that you envision.

Custom Built GHB or BOBCustom Built GHB or BOB

Having trouble building an effective Bug Out Bag (BOB) or Get Home Bag (GHB)? Finding out that off-the-shelf kits are of poor quality and don't meet your needs? We can walk you through a needs analysis and build your bag for you. Our bags don't include junk or ineffective equipment. Give us a call and we can help you have confidence in your bag knowing it was assembled by experienced professionals.

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